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Brigman is a love story…

It started at the end of the ’90s between the founder Adriano and Colombia…

Everything started at the end of the ’80s, when Adriano, travelling around Colombia, met a woman of that land and it was love at first sight for both.

This love story started in this way and it  was so strong that the woman left Colombia and moved to Italy.

Their love was very strong, but as all people that leave their land, a small part of you remains at your home: your family, some of your habits and obviously also your food.

And... as all lovers know, the worst thing for a lover is to see homestick or, sometimes a hint of sadness in his beloved's eyes.

For this reason, to try to fill and to limit this sense of distance, not being able to come back to Colombia so often, the ideas was to import a small piece of Colombia in Italy, making some sporadic purchases and bringing in Italy by air some foodstuffs to give to his beloved…

When packages used to arrive, the joy, the explosion of happiness in the eyes of his love made the founder realize that certainly his beloved wasn’t the only person that was homesick, but that all people that lived far from their land felt this melancholy.

So the idea became the founder's target and since that moment his mission was to make the eyes of all Colombians shine.

Thousand and more were the troubles to start this adventure and the difficulty encountered to bring the first container from Colombia, a beautiful place that used to have a bad publicity caused by illegal drug trade.

The first containers, indeed, were hold in the port for some months for endless checks by Sanity department and by the law enforcement that wanted to ascertain every detail, and sometimes these months of controls caused these products to expire, with a big loss of money.

Finally after these difficult years, this adventure became reality around 2005.

Adriano's son Manuel started to help his father in this mission.

He started to travel around Central and South America, remaining fascinated and in love of the wonders of that land; so he decided to extend and reinforce his dad's dream :

help all the South Americans to have their products in Italy!

Mmore than 10 years have alreadypassed since those days, but the love, the passion, the joy for trying to decrease the distance between you and your home, dear friends, have not changed; in fact day by day we look for new ideas and products to reduce this melancholy.

This is our story and the mission that everyday animates our hearts!

Guarantee Brigman = 100% ++

If you know us, you know : our interest is not to create profit with the sale but to give our customers a moment of joy and emotion.

We have great respect and it’s important for us that our costumers will be glad and satisfied. For this reason we will refound you of 100 % of your purchase + the delivery !

So if for whatever reason you aren't glad of the product you have received, tell us and we will pay you back the 100 % of the money and we will take care of pick up the goods: you will not have to do anything except for communicating this to us.

Our target is your happiness !

Test us, you will be satisfied !


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