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Terms & Conditions

The User that use the Brigman & Co. s.r.l. services declare to know and acept the presents condition and to acept the present general condition of contract.

Brigman & Co. s.r.l. title holder and services related

Brigman & Co. s.r.l.
Via Kennedy 99 a San Donà di Piave (VE)
CF/P.IVA: 03859710265

Brigman & Co. s.r.l. information

Brigman.it  & Co. s.r.l. is an e-commerce site where the title holder is Brigman & Co. s.r.l. society.



To can use the service or part of this, it is request the registration from User supplied, in a truthful and complete manner, all data request in the related registration form and accept entirely the Privacy Policy and the present general condition. The User has the responsibility to safeguard own access credentials.


Purchase Process

Every order sent implemented from the User establish an offer to the products purchase. The orders are subjects to the availability and to the subjectivity title holder reception.
To complete the online purchase process, the User must select the products and complete the purchase, after have carefully verified the information content in the order summary. The order is realized by the confirmation of it and it is subject to the price indicated in the Order Summary form.
The receipt of order elaboration doesn't establish the order reception. The contract conclusion will happen at the moment of the sent of the Order Confirmation from the title holder mail's to the User mail's supplied.
The title holder is reserve the possibility of not confirm the order when the products aren't availabile. In this case the title holder will provide to the refund of all the purchase and the User will be advised by a email until 5 days from the purchase.
The Users are bounds to register theirself on Brigman & Co. s.r.l. supplied their personal data and the shipping address. The shipping fees are not included and are different in the motive of the destination. The prices are indicated in Euro and they are TAX inclusive. Brigman & Co. s.r.l. can be expect different offers during the year.

Payment Process

The processes of payment  on User disposition are descript in the related site page.

Brigman & Co. s.r.l. used third instrument for the payment elaboration and doesn't enter in any way in contact with the payment data - like those related to the credit card - supplied from the User.

Product Availability

The prices, the descriptions and the product availability are subject to modifiocation without notification. 
Olso later to the sent of the Confirmation Order mail, in the coincidence of appeared unavailability of some products caused by missed refueling ,from product or supplier, of the title holder otherwise from other cause not predictable at the moment of the order conclusion, the title holder will provide for refund the User of the products price ordered but not available.

Order Execution

The Order will be definitive and will be booked after have sended to you a Confirmation email. The title holder will can't consider yourself  responsable for damages subjected from the User to reason of delay in the delivery caused from the carriers.


The deliveries make happen during the normal working timetables of the appointed courier to the User address indicated and only by telephonic appointment by our carriers.
The User will be bound to supply the mobile number, where will can be contacted, to can answer to the garrier calling and to prenote the delivery. In the moment of the delivery of the goods from the courier, the User is bound to check that the number of the package indeed delivered correspond with that indicated in the trasport document and that the package packaging result intact in its entirety, not damaged, not compromise from atmospheric events or whatever altered. To the consequence, the User is also bound to verify the packaging specified in the delivery form the possible anomalies. If the User compare evident possible damage to the packaging and to the products in it contained or the missed correspondence of the package number, must immediately contest it, placed control reserve writed (specifing the manner of the reserve, es. "flat packaging", "pressed packaging", etc.) on the delivery proof of courier or inform immediately the title holder. One time firmed the delivery seal, the User can't oppose ant objection about the exteriors features of what delivered. Possible problems relevant the physics integrity, the corrispondence or the completenes of the delivered products must be reported used the contract process supplied from the title holder.
In the conicidence of missed picked up until 5 working days of the material present in the courier warehousing in reason of reiterate impossibility of delivery to the indicated address from the User in the Order moment, the products will be give back to the title holder. The title holder can't be believed responsable for the mistakes in the delivery caused by innacuracies or incompleteness in the compiling of the purchase order from the User, for damages possibly required to the products later the delivery to the carrier or for delais in the delivery attributed to it.

Annulment right

In case of purchase of products or services on Brigman & Co. s.r.l., the User has right to recede from contract without indicate in the reasons, sending a registered post to the title holder address until 14 days from the reception of the goods. The annulment period expire after 14 days from the day who the User of a third party – different from carrier – acquire the physics possession of the goods.

Annulment effects

If the User recede from the present contract, him will be refunded all the payments that has realized on favour of the title holder, included the delivery costes (to costs ecxeption supplementaries inferred from the possible choose of a delivery manner different from the cheap offer of standard delivery) without undeserved delay and in any case not over 14 days from the day where the title holder is informed of the User decision to recede from the present contract. Those refunds will be realized using the some payment way used from the User for the purchase. Where this is not possible the User will can agree upon a different refund manner. In any case the User doesn't support any cost how consequence of such refund. The refund can be suspended until the delivery of the goods otherwise until the happened dimostration from User part of have sent the goods, if it is previous.
The User is asked to resend the goods and to deliver those to the title holder without delay undeserved and in any case until 14 days from the day where has comunicated the annulment from the present contract. The terms is respected if the User resend the goods before the expiration of the 14 days period. The costs of the restitution of the goods will be charge of the User. The User is responsable only of the reduction of the value of the goods resulting from the different manipolation of that necessary to establish the nature, the features and operation of the goods.

Limitation to the annulment right on the products

The products damages or used don't come substitute or refund, also only in part. The User will must insert to the inside packaging box the copy of the order confirmation email.

The annulment right is not apply: to the custom-tailored packaged goods or clearly personalaized or that, for their nature, risk to degrade rapidly theirself (for example the fresh alimentary products), are seals and don't present theirself to be returning back for hygienical reason otherwise are connected to the health protection and are open after the delivery.
In specific (by art. 47, clause 1, lett I legal guarantee) the annulment right is not apply to the contracts of alimentary goods or beverge or other goods supplying to domestic used of current usage supplied from the User domicile, to the residence place or to the working place, from habitual distributor.

Expiry date

 The selling products expiry date will always have expiration over to 45 days.

When the selling products have under 45 days of expiration date, before to be sent, will be answer the authorization request from the User by contact from the title holder. 

Termination and closure of the user account

The registered Users can disable their account, request the cancellation otherwise interrupt the use of the service in every moment, by the Brigman & Co. S.r.l. interface or contactting directly the title holder.

The title holder, in case of violation of the present terms, reserve himself the right to suspend or close the User account in every moment and without notification.

The title holder reserve himself the unquestionable right to inhibit in every moment and without notification the Brigman & Co. S.r.l. access, for extended or partially to some funcionality, of the User account that was notice payment irregularity, missed payment, image damages by internet, obscene or vulgar or innapropriate language for the purpose of the comment and review, repeated and continuous order attempt not concluded, computer attack or any other activity, explicit or implicit, that can bring damage direct or indirect to the title holder.

The service is supplied "as is"

The service is supplied from the title holder "as is", without any expressed or implicit guarantee for the accuracy or availability of himself.


Allowed use

The user don't be able to:

  • realize reverse engineering, uncomplete, disassemble, modify or create derived works based on Brigman & Co. S.r.l. or on any portion of this;
  • circumvent the computer system used from Brigman & Co. s.r.l. or from it members to protect the content accesble by this;
  • copy, conserve, modify, change, prepare derived works or adulterate in any manner whatever supplied content from Brigman & Co. s.r.l.;
  • utilize any robot, spider, search/locating application of site, or any other dispositive, process or automatic way to access, recover, make scraping or index any portion or content of Brigman & Co. S.r.l.;
  • rent, employ or sub-employ Brigman & Co. s.r.l.;
  • defame, offend, molest, create threatening practice, intimidate or in any way violate the others rights (which the privacyand pubblicity right);
  • spread or publish illegals,obscenes,unlawfulls,slanderers or innapropriates content;
  • use Brigman & Co. S.r.l. in any other innapropriate way alike to violate this terms.

Privacy Policy

For information on the used of personal datas, the Users must doreference to the privacy policy of Brigman & Co. s.r.l..


All the title holder brands, figuratives or of names, and all the other sign, business names , service brands, denominated brands, commercial denominations, illustrations, immages, logos that appearing relating to Brigman & Co. s.r.l. are and remain of exclusive property of the title holder or of their members and are protected from the in force law on the brands and the related international treaties.

Age requisites

The Users declare to be full age on the basis of their applicable legislation. The underages can use Brigman & Co. s.r.l. only with parent or tutor assistance. In any case minors of 13 years can use Brigman & Co. S.r.l..

Responsability limitation

The title holder, in the bonds of applicable rights, answer for contractual and extra contractual nature damage to the Users and third party only when those established immediate and direct consequence, to fraud or serious guilt, of the Brigman & Co. s.r.l. activity.

Changes to the present tersm

The title holder reserve himself the right to generate changes to the presents terms in every moments, giving a notice to the User by a publication on Brigman & Co. s.r.l..

The User that continue to use Brigman & Co. s.r.l. after the publication of the changes, acept without reserve the new terms.

Contract transfer 

The user can not leave or transfer in any way his rights or obligations to the rules of the present terms without the title holder writing authorization.


All the relative comunication of Brigman & Co. s.r.l. must be sent using the contact informations indicated.

Applicable law

The present Terms and all the controversies in matter of esecution, interpretation and validity of the present contract are subordinate to the law,the jurisdiction of the State and to the exclusive competence of the tribunal of the place where have location the title holder.



The service offered from Brigman & Co. s.r.l. as descript from this terms and to the inner of Brigman & Co. s.r.l..


The physics or juridical person that used the service.

Terms and Condition 

The presents general services, that establishing a legally accord  legally binding between the User and title holder.

Receipt of Order elaboration 

Specified the mail that the title holder send in the moment of the order reception.

Order Confirmation

Specified the mail that the title holder send in the moment when the products are sending to confirmation the shipping fees of all or part of  bought products.

Example of annulment form

Addressed to the title holder [reported the complete ownership]: Hereby I/us (*) notify the annulment from my/our (*) trade contract of those goods/service: (*), Ordered the (*)/received the (*), Name of the consumer(s), Address of the consumer(s), Date.